Kina Ha – The ONLY Kaminoan Jedi to Ever Live [TRAGIC]

Kina Ha - The ONLY Kaminoan Jedi to Ever Live [TRAGIC]

Kina Ha was a Jedi Master that was the only Kaminoan to ever be discovered as force sensitive on her homeworld and be able to use her immense force powers to become a Jedi Knight. Unfortunately, Kina Ha was seen as a disgusting abomination on her home planet because of her ability to use the force, completely casting her out of Kaminoan society.

Kina Ha was a female Kaminoan who was born long before the Clone Wars began as part of an experiment performed by the scientists and doctors of Kamino. The doctors of the dark, waterworld created Kina Ha through selective breeding and intense genetic manipulation, in order to make her body withstand the rigours task of long-term, deep space exploration. Because of Kamino’s location outside of the main galaxy, the Kaminoans likely created her as a sentient version of an unmanned probe purely for exploration purposes. Let me know if you think this is a good method of expanding your planet’s reach, or is it completely cruel?

Unfortunately however, many factors came together which led to these long term deep space exploration missions never being carried out, leaving Kina Ha as the only Kaminoan with drastically different personality traits and long-term endurance. These factors already made the other Kamionans on the planet dislike Kina Ha, but they could get over it because she was of course still a member of their species.

Unfortunately though, not long after her deep space missions were cancelled and Kina Ha was placed back into the main population of Kamino, she discovered that she was force sensitive and was able to manipulate the force in ways that she had never seen from any of her fellow Kaminoans before. This absolutely shocked Kina Ha, but she continued to use the force anyway.

As the news of the first force sensitive ever to come from their extra-galactic waterworld began to spread, Kina Ha began to draw intense criticism from her fellow brothers and sisters. Her peers viewed force-sensitivity as a severe defect to the Kaminoan Anatomy and because of course, the Kaminoans were perfectionists in everything they created, they wanted to completely eliminate it from Kina Ha. To do this, the scientists on the dark world planned to “have Kina ha reeducated”, which really, was just another way of saying to completely remove brainwash her ensure that she never connects with the force for as long as she remains on cold, wet surface of the Kamino platform cities.

Rather than face this disturbing fate, she quickly fled here homeworld hoping to never face the same hatred and suffering ever again.

During her journeys off world, she eventually came across the rogue Trandoshan Jedi Master Kras’Dohk. Master Kras’Dohk was exiled from the Jedi Order when he departed Coruscant and began his journey by himself into the far reaches of the outer rim, causing him to lose contact with the Jedi Council completely.

Eventually, Kina Ha began to train under the Rogue Jedi Master in the ways of the force, strengthening her connection to it and her skills as a peacekeeper. Master Kras’Dohk chose to train Kina Ha as a Jedi Guardian, which is a type of Jedi who focussed deeply on peacekeeping through lightsaber combat and was a lightside mirror to a Sith Warrior. The other two branches of the Jedi Order were the Jedi Consular, who focussed more deeply on the cosmic force rather than lightsaber combat and the living force, and then of course the Jedi Sentinels, who struck a balance between the other two ways of thinking.

Eventually, Kina Ha’s training progressed to the point where her master believed that she was ready to construct her own lightsaber. The trandoshan Jedi guided his apprentice through the process, where she did eventually create a bright, icey blue lightsaber with a metallic hilt. Kina and her master eventually grew very close, with Master Kras Doh’k teaching her absolutely everything he knew from all of his training and time spent at the Jedi temple on Coruscant.

Not long after this, her master deemed her to have undergone every challenge and every trial that a Jedi should face, granting her the Rank of Master. Of course, this rank was not official, because Master Kras’Dohk was still exiled from the Jedi Order at this point, but the two treated each other as equals in the force after this point.