The Republic’s Most Ridiculous Clone Troopers

The Republic's Most Ridiculous Clone Troopers

The Wookie Clone Troopers were the most ridiculous but also awesome Clone Variant in the Grand Army of the Republic. Despite the name, these Clone Troopers weren’t actually wookies, but instead wore Katarn Class Commando Armor which was painted and designed to look like the Wookies native to Kashyyyk.

The Wookie Clone Troopers were a highly specialized unit of Clone Trooper who served the Grand Army of the Republic during the early days of the Clone Wars. Even though they do call themselves Wookie Clone Troopers, they weren’t giant, 8 foot wookies hiding under Clone Armor. Instead, they were actually highly trained, and HIGHLY specialized Clone Commandos who had undergone rigorous and ridiculous intense training under the Mandalorian trainers of Kamino, before they were even allowed to step foot on the battlefield.

Once these incredible warriors had successfully completed their intense training on Kamino, they were outfitted with Katarn Class Commando Armor, which of course is standard issue for most Clone Commandos. Katarn class armor was incredibly expensive, compared to regular Phase I and II Clone Armor, but for a reason. The highly refined Commando Armor provided significantly more protection from direct laser blasts and from common blast detonators. On top of that, it contained incredibly strong armor plating, which included a deflector shield. The Commando armor was also designed for easy bacta injection via handheld dispensers, which was heavily utilized by the Wookie commandos.

The Clone Commando armor given to the Wookie Clone Troopers however was even more unique and incredible. It was painted in the same way a Kashyyk Wookie looks, most likely to blend in with the scenery and dense, thick jungle on Kashyyyk, where they would be deployed. On top of that, the armor actually increased the strength of the Wookie clone Troopers who wore it to that of a standard male Wookie, making these Clone Troopers the absolute strongest and most wild troopers in the grand army of the Republic by raw physical strength. Honestly, even Wrecker from the bad batch would not want to go up against these guys. Let me know right now down in the comments, who would win. A Clone commando with the strength of a Wookie or Wrecker. Personally, I’m gonna have to say the Wookie Commandos, but you never know.

For some unkown reason, the Republic made the price of this amazing armour public, telling potential buyers that the Gloves and Boots would come to 400 Republic credits each, with the helmet adding an additional 900 credits on to that, and finally another 1,200 credits for the main platebody and legs, bringing the grand total for the set of Wookie Clone Commando Armor to 2,900 republic credits. Not a bad deal at all. Let me know down below if you would buy a set of this Wookie Commando Armour, personally it sounds absolutely awesome!

Those Clone Wookie Commandos who were brave enough to desert the Grand Army of the Republic, could fetch prices for their armour of over, 100,000 Republic credits, making it a very attractive option for many smugglers and scoundrels to attempt to kidnap Clone Wookie Commandos if they ever encountered them.

Also an interesting thing to note is that they had a Green Clone Commando Visor, which provided the same information about their vital signs and armor durability as the blue visor, but also probably provided more information about their environment and natural surroundings. You can definitely see why that would be useful on Kashyyyk with creatures like this roaming around.