The Commando Droid Who Became a Rebel Spy

The Commando Droid Who Became a Rebel Spy 1

The tragic story of the Commando Droid who became a Rebel spy and Went on a MURDEROUS Rampage, worse than Mister Bones.

After the Call for Order 66 was Given and the Slaughter of the Separatist council on Mustafar by Darth Vader, almost every single Separatist Commando droid received and activated the galaxy-wide shutdown order from Chancellor Palpatine. One separatist commando droid however, was able to resist the shutdown order and survive the Clone wars, going on to become a rebel spy master for the resistance after the fall of the Empire. So, I’m going to break down the heroic story of how this commando droid became one of the best spies in the resistance and later went on a murderous rampage.

The story begins in the cramped quarters of Poe Dameron, where he is training with BB-8 by his side. BB-8 notices that Poe is getting increasingly tense and is hitting his training pads with more and more rage as he continues. Poe tells the little astromech that someone inside of his black squadron has been leaking information directly to the first order. He is absolutely disgusted at the fact that squad mates he has known since he was a child have been lying to his face pretending to fight for the good of the galaxy.

The man who is receiving the leaks inside of the first order, from the black squadron traitor is a high ranking intelligence officer in the first order, called Terex. Terex served as a stormtrooper at the bloody battle of Jakku, where the empire took its final stand in the Galactic civil war. After the Empire failed at defeating the Rebel alliance on Jakku, Terex shoots his own superior officer directly through the chest in cold blood, realizing that he now answers to nobody, because the Emperor is dead and the Empire has completely fallen. After that, he immediately turns to a life of deception and covert spy work to keep himself busy and to fulfil his life.

Following this, we return to the resistance base, where C-3PO rushes into the main hangar to inform Poe Dameron that his covert network of droid spies have given him some very crucial information about the first order. Poe is very suspicious about 3-po’s droid spy network, but he happily begins telling Poe that his operatives were stationed on the planet Kaddak, which is known for its very shady cities, with criminal activity in every direction. C-3po shockingly tells Poe that the large bundle of information obtained by one of his droid operatives on the planet includes the exact location of Supreme leader snoke. Poe is absolutely stunned by this discovery, but C-3po cautions Poe, telling him that his droid agent’s transmission was interrupted before the proper location could be deciphered and validated. The droid who sent the transmission containing the crucial first order data, was a former separatist commando droided N1-ZX, nicknamed Nunzix.

Shortly after that, we cut straight back to Terex, who is on board a ship called the Carrion Spike, who you might Remember from the Tarkin novel. On board the well treated vessel, one of Terex’ men tells him that he has received a priority transmission from Captain Phasma, who wants to know why he hasn’t reported for debriefing. Instead of sending through a reply to the message, Terex blasts his communications console, refusing to answer her.

Poe and C-3PO then quickly arrive on the lawless world of Kaddak, hoping to seek out this droid spy, but they are followed closely by Terex and his men.

After spending a long while scouring the surface of the planet for their droid spy, Poe and 3-PO witness countless criminal activities, like executions, robberies, assassinations and kidnappings. Not long after witnessing these things, they quickly become victim to them, with a group of scoundrels surrounding the two and knocking Poe unconscious. Because of C-3PO’s weird and oddly suspicious behaviour, the group of scoundrels are about to fry his circuits,

After successfully removing the scoundrels from the area, C-3PO meets up with his snarky Commando Droid spy agent, who is not happy with how long Poe took to meet him.

The group are eventually able to transport the Commando droid who is holding the first order data leak to a secure location, in hopes of unloading all his information into the resistance network. C-3PO quickly becomes furious at his droid agent however as he refuses to hand over his information. The commando droid quickly tells Threepio “you wish goldie. I’m keeping what I know about supreme leader snoke to myself until I’m off this blasted planet”. Po is shocked, having never seen such a sarcastic and uncooperative droid, leading to him to ask c3po why? Threepio quickly tells him that this N1-NX unit’s self preservation programming is deeply embedded into his central processors, meaning that he can only release the crucial intelligence that he has gained on the first order, once he arrives back on the resistance base.