NEW Mandalorian Season 2 LEAKED PHOTOS

NEW Mandalorian Season 2 LEAKED PHOTOS 1

Lucasfilm and Disney have accidently leaked some brand new sneak peak photos from the Mandalorian Season 2 on the Xbox Disney+ app, which give us some incredible insight into what might be going down in the upcoming events of the season.

Many incredible new images have just leaked from the Disney+ Xbox app, showcasing some scenes directly from the unreleased episodes of the Mandalorian Season 2. So, I’ll go through each of them and break down exactly what they could mean.

The first leaked image appears to show Din Djarin Piloting the Razorcrest in space, flanked by an X-Wing to his side. A few more X-Wings can vaguely be seen in the background, potentially meaning that Din Djarin and the Razor crest are being escorted by them. This could be from an episode which is similar to the prison break episode with Mayfeld and the Purple Twi-Lek, or it could be something totally different, like Din Djarin teaming up with the X-Wings to target imperial remnant forces. Because we know that Ahsoka Tano is almost certainly going to appear in the show, there’s a possibility that these X-Wings could be related to the ones seen escorting Ahsoka’s shuttle in the final scene of Rebels, where she returns to Sabine Wren on Lothal. Again, those may have just been a standard X-Wing escort for the planet, so we’ll just have to wait and see. The X-Wings in this leaked image also look a lot like the Vanguard Squadron X-Wings from the Alphabet squadron series of novels, so they’re almost certainly not the Red Squadron from the prison break episode. The Vanguard X-Wings were also just released on Fortnite, which again look almost identical to these. So make sure you go pick one up if you play fortnite.