Togruta (Ahsoka & Shaak Ti) Species | Complete Breakdown

Togruta (Ahsoka & Shaak Ti) Species | Complete Breakdown 1

Togruta species have some of the most notable members in the galaxy. The species of Shaak Ti and Ahsoka, Ashala, and numerous Jedi Togruta and Sith Jedi over the ages. Even a Mandalorian Togruta. See how their biology compared and contrasted with the Twi’lek and other Star Wars species. LEGENDS and CANON.

Togrutas were a sentientspecies from the planetShili. They were characterized by their colorful skin tones, large montrals and head tails, and white facial pigments, which served to hide them from predators. A Togruta’s montrals allowed them to sense the movement of objects around them through echolocation and could reach up to 82 feet. They have also been known to be carnivores. Although Shili was their homeworld, they also had a colony of some 50,000 individuals on the planet Kiros. Some well known Togruta were the Jedi MasterShaak Ti, the well-liked ChancellorKirames Kaj, and PadawanAhsoka Tano.