How This Separatist Leader Escaped Anakin’s Slaughter in Ep.III

How This Separatist Leader Escaped Anakin's Slaughter in Ep.III 1

The SHOCKING WAY Separatist Engineer Gizor Dellso escaped Anakin’s slaughter of the Separatist Council on Mustafar during Revenge of the Sith. Gizor Dellso escaped Anakin killing separatists and created his own droid army to take his revenge. The 501st Journals also detail the 501st fighting and killing Dellso on Mustafar from the Battlefront II games.

Gizor Dellso was a Geonosian engineer who worked for the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars against the Galactic Republic. Years before the war began, he helped design a command signal that would shut down the Trade Federation’s droid army to prevent anyone from ever using their droids against them. At war’s end, this same signal was ultimately used to deactivate the defeated Separatist Droid Army.

Although the Republic triumphed over the Separatists in the Clone Wars, Dellso refused to surrender. On the planet Mustafar, he reactivated a hidden droid factory near a former Separatist mining facility and began building his own private droid army, hoping to restart the war. However, the Imperial 501st Legion was sent to Mustafar to eliminate Dellso and end his rebellion, resulting in the fugitive Geonosian’s death and the destruction of the droid factory.