Star Wars: Duel of the Fates, Episode IX original version

Star Wars: Episode IX - Duel of the Fates

Through a Reddit publication, the leaking of details of the original Star Wars Episode 9 plan that he was going to direct and co-write Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World) went viral. The leak was confirmed by The Playlist, who said they were investigating details from various sources, which fits with the information that is now available.

Starting, the title was not Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, as it was finally defined, but it was Star Wars: Duel of the Fates, just like the popular composition that John Williams created for the Episode I.

The leak, originally specified by director Robert Meyer Burnett through YouTube, also states that the story platform would revolve around how The First Order cuts all communications between planets to keep the rising rebellion inspired by Luke Skywalker’s actions in the Battle of Crait. From there, the Resistance’s mission is to reopen communications to call for the galaxy to rise at war against the oppressors.

Star Wars: Duel of the Fates

The next was the structure of the film.

  • The initial scene was located in the shipyards of the planet Kuat.
  • Finn, Rose and BB-8 steal a Star Destroyer full of old imperial weapons and vehicles.
  • Finn finds a fallen stormtrooper without his helmet and recognizes it. As a result, his internal conflict resurfaces over killing his former comrades
  • Kylo Ren is missing after the encounter against Luke and General Hux leads the First Order in his absence.
  • Kylo is actually on the planet Mustafar, where he is still affected by his last encounter with Luke.
  • In Darth Vader’s temple, Kylo finds a Holocron with a Palpatine recording before the events of Return of the Jedi. If Luke kills the Emperor, Vader had to go to the Remnicore System to find his true teacher: Tor Valum.
  • The Holocron detects that Kylo is not Vader and explodes, burning the Supreme Leader in the process.
  • Leia feels that action with the force just when the team commanded by Finn returns with the Star Destroyer
  • Rey still has nightmares because of his connection with Kylo, ​​but he learns about the “Beacon of the Force” in the ancient Jedi texts. It is an old communication system of the Old Republic that can send a signal to 50 planets for the call to war. And that is a call that cannot be stopped by the First Order.
  • The system in question is under the Jedi Temple in the Coruscant controlled by the First Order
  • Luke’s ghost helps Rey in his training, while Kylo returns to Coruscant to confront Hux. In the place, Ren throws Vader’s mask from the balcony.
  • The Supreme leader finds Tor Valum, a 7,000,000-year-old alien and continues his training on the dark side.
  • The Resistance has two missions. In the first, Rey, Poe and Chewbacca go to a planet called Bonadan to find a guide for the Last Jedi. In the second mission, Rose, Finn, R2 and C-3PO must go to Coruscant to activate the force beacon.
  • The first team is chased by the Knights of Ren. In Bonadan, King receives help from a Seer manages to draw a star map of the Jedi’s mind from his visions with Kylo. Ren’s Knights arrive and have a lightsaber fight with Rey.
  • The second team achieves its goal, but the First Order turns it off and forces them to escape through the underground Coruscant. The heroes are trapped and sent to a concentration camp, where Rose is interrogated by Hux. Finally, they escape and recruit stormtroopers who leave the First Order for battle.
  • Rey and Kylo are on the planet Mortis, where they fight and it is revealed that Ren killed Rey’s parents at Snoke’s request. During the final battle the ghosts of Luke, Yoda and Obi-Wan appear. There is an attempt to save Ben, but he is completely dumped on the dark side and is “extinguished” in the fight.
  • Leia gathers forces in Coruscant and there is a battle in space and on land. Chewie pilots an X-Wing
  • The film ends with Finn and Rose gathering all the force-sensitive young people to take them to a remote planet, where Rey will begin training the next generation. Among the young people is the sweeper boy seen at the end of The Last Jedi.

That whole story was part of the version written by Trevorrow and Derek Connolly, which had already been rewritten due to Carrie Fisher’s death. Later, Lucasfilm hired Jack Thorne and in that version it was established that Rey’s mother worked for Leia.

But that version did not go on, since the version we ended up watching in the cinema changed everything, from the work of Chris Terrio and J.J. Abrams