Darth Vader Documentary – The Force’s Mouth – Part 1

In the first 5 chapters Dave jumps right into his experience working on the Star Wars trilogy and his working relationship with Lucasfilms…the good, the bad, and the ugly. As you read on you’ll certainly see Dave’s love-hate relationship with the franchise. He appreciates what the trilogy has done for his career, but is still quite bitter about not being the voice of Vader or the unmasked dying Vader. I think George Lucas did what was best for the character and storyline, but Dave is so passionate (to the point of possessiveness) over the Vader character, he took it very personal and could not restrain himself from expressing his resentment and frustration. After decades of bitterly expressing himself, Dave was eventually banned from the franchise and even from appearing at Star Wars conventions. However, I think it is justified for Dave to be upset about being unfairly blamed for leaking out production info to the press and that he was shunned during his numerous attempts to repair the damaged between him and George Lucas.