Boba Fett: A New Threat

Boba Fett: A New Threat

enero 6, 2020 Desactivado Por Diego

After working for Jabba for a few years, Boba had made a name for himself becoming Jabba’s favorite bounty hunter. With that position, Boba was offered his first off planet assignment, to kill Wat Tambor.

After traveling to the planet of Xagobah, Boba had to find a way into Wat’s fortress, The Mazariyan Citadel. To get inside, Boba had to not only survive the planets plant life, but also work his way through the Battle of Xagobah, which was a siege on the Citadel itself.

Once inside, Boba’s search for Wat was helped when he was reunited with his old nemesis Nuri, and after a brief tussle, was told where to find him. Killing Tambor was easier said than done, and was made even more difficult when General Grievous turned up. After a short fight, in which Grievous just deflected young Fett’s shots back at him and Fett diving away before he was hit, eventually, Boba was shot, and realizing that it was a good idea to play dead, he paralyzed himself with some Xabar fungus.