This Happens In Every Star Wars Movie And You Never Noticed

This Happens In Every Star Wars Movie And You Never Noticed 1

Even without the iconic prologue crawl or that classic “A long time ago…” text that precedes most entries in the saga, most people could be dragged into a theater showing a Star Wars film they’ve never seen and still know exactly what they were watching within moments. Here’s why. Something really, really bad always happens pretty much every time a bottomless shaft appears in a Star Wars movie.

If the saga’s heroes had any sense at all, they would’ve learned by now that whenever they walk into a room with a bottomless shaft, they need to turn around and run the hell away.

Qui-Gon meets his violent end at the foot of one of these impossibly long tunnels in Phantom Menace. Both halves of Darth Maul plummet down one of those shafts, just like Darth Vader hurls the Emperor down one in Return of the Jedi. Luke miraculously survives a drop down Cloud City’s bottomless shaft in The Empire Strikes Back, and Obi-Wan hops over one to turn off the Death Star’s tractor beam in A New Hope. The heroes of Rogue One also climb up one to get hold of the Death Star plans. And then there’s The Force Awakens frankly, Han should have known better than to walk out over one. The shafts of Star Wars are legion, and if you see one, you’re probably in big trouble.

Star Wars movies tend to be bad for limbs and probably very kind to black market prosthetics dealers. Someone loses a limb in most entries, and, whether you’re watching the movies based on theatrical release or in chronological order, it’s not going to take long before someone loses something very important to them. Keep watching the video to see that this happens in every Star Wars movie and you never noticed!