Star Wars 23: Infinity’s End, Part 1

Star Wars 23: Infinity's End, Part 1

As a freighter on a routine run to Ova approaches its destination, it witnesses the bizarre disappearance of the planet, and is sucked into the black hole that caused it. A few weeks later, Quinlan Vos is sent to investigate the strange mystery on the planet Dathomir. Just as he had planned, Quin crash-lands in a forest and is captured by the Dathomiri Nightsisters. Quin is made a slave by the witches, and during his toil, befriends a Givin named Yag Shushin, who tells him of the Nightsister’s tunneling project. Late that night, as they rest, Quin meets the Matriarch’s repulsive daughter Ros Lai, who tends to the slaves. As the Dathomiri guards drink themselves to sleep, a rival clan stages a man-raid to steal breeders from the camp. The leader of the group attempts to take Quin, but is saved with the help of his new friend, and the timely arrival of Queen Zalem‘s tunneling machine.