New promotional pictures for Solo: A Star Wars Story!!!

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New promotional pictures for Solo: A Star Wars Story!!!

A batch of new hi-res still images from the latest Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer is here for fans to get a look at. After releasing the second installment in the Star Wars sequel trilogy this past December, Lucasfilm is now gearing up to release the second movie in their ongoing Star Wars Story series (following Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), this time giving Han Solo an origin story instead of plugging a longstanding and infamous “plot hole” from George Lucas’ original Star Wars movie.

After some heavily publicized production issues that led to Phil Lord and Chris Miller being booted from the film and replaced by Oscar-winning filmmaker Ron Howard just three weeks before principal photography was scheduled to wrap, Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s final cut is now locked and it’s ready to hit theaters next month (on time). And to kick the movie’s marketing campaign into high gear leading up to its release, Lucasfilm released the second official Solo trailer today during American Idol on ABC (capitalizing on Disney’s corporate synergy, which they’ve routinely done with past movie trailers). That trailer showed off a great deal of new footage, which also came with a healthy amount of new still images showing off the film’s new characters and locations.


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