Download Solo: A Star Wars Story (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Solo: A Star Wars Story (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


The Solo: A Star Wars Story soundtrack is the score for the film Solo: A Star Wars Story, composed by John Powell.

It will be released on May 25, 2018,[1] the same day as the film itself.

Download Solo A Star Wars Story Soundtrack (John Powell)

Track listing

All tracks composed and conducted by John Powell unless otherwise stated.

  1. “The Adventures of Han” (composed and conducted by John Williams)
  2. “Meet Han”
  3. “Corellia Chase”
  4. “Spaceport”
  5. “Flying with Chewie”
  6. “Train Heist”
  7. “Marauders Arrive”
  8. “Chicken in the Pot”
  9. “Is This Seat Taken?”
  10. “L3 & Millennium Falcon”
  11. “Lando’s Closet”
  12. “Mine Mission”
  13. “Break Out”
  14. “The Good Guy”
  15. “Reminiscence Therapy”
  16. “Into the Maw”
  17. “Savareen Stand-Off”
  18. “Good Thing You Were Listening”
  19. “Testing Allegiance”
  20. “Dice & Roll”

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